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Oct 15 - 21, 2023

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  • His Back Pages – Mixing Up The Medicine REVIEW (Airmail)
    • “Life stopped making sense a long time ago. Sometimes, all you can do is endure. And that voice is exactly what you need. It helps that it’s not always pretty. It helps that there are multiple meanings in his songs. It helps that he won’t explain.”
  • A Holographic Poemsong”: Joy Harjo on Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” (Vanity Fair)
    • “The lyrical ballad-like poemsong of “Tangled Up in Blue” is a kind of chorus of different lives—each crafted around a transformative moment revealed in the ordinary details out of which our living unwinds. Each story is gathered with the hook phrase “tangled up in blue,” which is more than just a catchy set of words for the trick of it.”
  • Bob Dylan, l’éternelle énigme (Le Monde / FRENCH)
    • “Les dylanologues du monde entier ont désormais leur temple, à Tulsa (Oklahoma), le Bob Dylan Center qui expose ses archives et dont paraît cet automne le catalogue.”
  • Mixing Up The Medicine – Book Review Pt.1 (Dylan.FM)
    • “A book is an interesting part of a solution. It can share huge amounts of information and if done right might combine memorabilia with photos with essays with manuscripts with an organizational structure with introductions and explanations in ways that weave together and make a big and complex story interesting, approachable, and digestible to people with a very wide range of levels of interest. Plus of course it’s easily distributed around the world.”
  • Timothée Chalamet Goes Electric (GQ)
    • “His head was in it – Dylan day and night – and he was attuned, as ever, to echoes between his own life and the stories he was training to tell. “The Dylan metaphor is going electric,” he said, referring to the infamous moment at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival when Dylan, that era’s one true acoustic god, plugged his guitar into an amp, brought out a band, and started to really rock.”
  • Jagger Worries His Vocals Aren’t Dylan Enough (Ultimate Classic Rock)
    • Hackney Diamonds producer Andrew Watt says Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger took an “anti-singing” approach to his vocal work. He added that both Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards were concerned about the lead voice carrying enough of Bob Dylan’s trademark delivery.”
  • Cat Power Covers Bob Dylan (ArtNet)
    • “The album sounds both utterly vital and like a throwback: indie enough for her hardcore fans who see her as her generation’s Dylan, but universally pop enough to cross over to his own fans and a wider realm.”
  • Timothée Chalamet Really Leaning into this Bob Dylan Thing (GQ)
    • “The Dylan effect is creeping into his wardrobe, too. This week, Chalamet was spotted in Los Angeles in the stuff that paid direct homage to Dylan: so leather slacks, a cream satin shirt and a longer, unrulier cut to replace his signature curls.”
  • Timothée Chalamet Discusses How It Feels to Be Portraying Bob Dylan in Upcoming Biopic (American Songwriter)
    • “Chalamet has not met Dylan yet, and he admitted that when he first signed on for the role three years ago, he didn’t want to, “for superstitious reasons.” Now, however, he “would love to.”
  • Bob Dylan Center in INTERIOR DESIGN’s New “Best in Design” Book 2023 (Interior Design)
    • PDF Images – Pg: 172-174
  • 35 Years Ago: Traveling Wilburys Transforms Concept of Supergroups (Ultimate Classic Rock)
    • “Once the music was released into the wild, however, there was no obscuring how special Vol. 1 really was – particularly the album’s lead-off single and opening track, “Handle With Care.” Although it wasn’t a huge chart hit, it was just about perfect – as a single, as an encapsulation of what drew the Wilburys together and as a representation of what each member brought to the band.”
  • Remembering MTV Unplugged: The Timeless Acoustic Sessions that Redefined Music (Forte)
    • “Bob Dylan would record over two nights in November of 1994, the only artist to do so. It even brought people together, with Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner meeting Winona Ryder backstage and dating for three years. There is simply too much to cover.”
  • The Chemical Brothers: ‘We Played on Top of a Toilet Block” (The Guardian)
    • “We are both massive Bob Dylan fans and after one long-running conversation, we thought: “Why not ask Bob Dylan?” It got far enough that we were asked to write to him, so maybe he liked the idea. I’m not sure we ever wrote the letter.”
  • Why Nobel Prize in Literature Shouldn’t Have Been Awarded to Dylan (News Nigeria)
    • “Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has said the Nobel Prize in Literature shouldn’t have been awarded to American singer Bob Dylan in 2016. Soyinka maintained this stance in a recent interview with Turkish journalist Aysegul Sert in Paris. Soyinka believes that Bob Dylan shouldn’t have been awarded the prize because, according to him writing lyrics or certain songs is not literature but music.”
  • Heaven’s Door Releases Homesick Blues Minnesota Wheated Bourbon (Whisky Pulse)
    • “Aging gracefully for seven years, “Homesick Blues” Minnesota Wheated Bourbon is a testament to the artistry of whiskey-making. Maturing amidst the wild temperature fluctuations of Minnesota’s North Country, this bourbon attains an unparalleled flavor profile that embodies the creative genius of Bob Dylan himself.”

Blog Posts

  • To Hell and Back: Bob Dylan & Anaïs Mitchell’s Underworld Songs (Shadow Chasing)
    • “Dylan showcased his talent for taking first-hand experiences and relationships, expressing them in his own distinct voice, and yet simultaneously refracting them through ancient myths and primal archetypes. Mitchell inherited that same gift and cultivates it to magnificent effect in the “folk opera” Hadestown.”
  • Bob Dylan’s Lilly Rosemary And The Jack of Hearts: The Only Missing Person On The Scene (Chris Gregory)
    • Lily has a rigid lyrical format and a repetitive musical structure, with no choruses but with every verse ending in the title phrase. It has fifteen verses all of which consist of two rhyming couplets, followed by a non-rhyming line ending in the title phrase. Dylan’s original acoustic recording from the ‘New York Sessions’ for Blood on the Tracks drags a little because of a lack of musical texture.”
  • Spiritual Chameleon to Accidental Capitalist (
    • “Dylan is the ultimate post-modernist and yet the definitive genre impresario. He can imitate any musical style and, in several cases, has completely redefined them. He transformed the folk scene through a half dozen albums in the early 1960s and has even changed the way some folks listen to Gospel music, producing a few spectacular records following his conversion to Christianity, including InfidelsSaved, and Slow Train Coming.”
  • Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and The Cuban Missile Crisis (Between a Rock & Hard Place)
    • “By nightfall on October 18, 1962, President Kennedy thought his executive committee, or ExComm, had reached a consensus on blockading Cuba without firing a shot in anger, but the next day this began to unravel.”
  • Dylan Sacred Hymns Pt.1 (Untold Dylan)
    • “The weariness and sadness Foster invoked in this song and in “The Old Folks at Home” might be seen as prologues to Dylan’s response in “Lay Down Your Weary Tune.” Michael Gray claims that “’Hard Times’ is about the only Stephen Foster song now politically acceptable.” However, Gray further calls Dylan’s cover of the song, “A thrilling achievement.”
  • Other People’s Songs: The Cuckoo (Untold Dylan)
    • “What fabulous banjo playing, and a terrific counter to the melody.   I thought I was going to be writing about that very strange picture above with the record in the guitar until I realised how good the music was.”
  • Net 2017 Pt.2 (Untold Dylan)
    • “But during the year ‘Don’t Think Twice’ had to share the number 2 slot with ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe,’ a song of similar sentiment and vintage, another of the old acoustic songs, this one from 1964.”
  • The Bromberg Sessions (1992-1993) Albums That Should Exist
    • “These mostly acoustic sounding June 1992 sessions seemingly went well, and Dylan appeared ready to release them as an album. But Dylan is nothing if not mercurial, and he abruptly changed his mind.”
  • Complete Budokan – Unboxing Video


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Photo Of The Week

The Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa OK held a weekend of activities celebrating the release this coming week of their new book MIXING UP THE MEDICINE. There were launch parties, a talk with Greil Marcus, a reception for the many fine essayists with writing in the book, and a celebration of the delivery of The Mitch Blank Collection to The Dylan Archives in Tulsa.

Many amazing Dylan writers and collectors and Dylan Center supporters were in attendance. Below are a few of the images from this weekend.

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