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March 19 - 25, 2023

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Bob Dylan On Tour

  • Japan Tour: April 6th – 20th (11 Dates)
  • European Tour: June 2 – 30 (21 Dates so far)
  • Next Shows: Osaka, April 6-7-8

News Items About Bob Dylan

Blog Posts About Bob Dylan

  • Plugz Bassist Talks Backing Bob Dylan on Letterman (Flagging Down The Double E’s)
    • “You got to realize we’re kids with no money. So we’re just like, he’s paying us to come up there, we’re working for Dylan and getting to play music. So yeah, we always loved going up there because it was so different from what we’re used to.”
  • Pirate Philosphy – Chapter 2 (I Don’t Live Nobody: Bob Dylan at the End of Time)
    • “My purpose in this chapter to reveal new instances of theft from other sources, that I haven’t seen written about elsewhere, and look at some of the musician’s recent veiled allusions to the topic, including the broader issue of copyright.”
  • Creole Trilogy (Shadow Chasing)
    • “The trilogy of albums I’m considering are ideal examples of cultural mixture and creative intermingling. A lot of diverse ingredients went into the musical gumbo cooked up in Lanois’s New Orleans studio in 1989.”
  • Most Analysis of Dylan’s Songs Mistake The Essence (Untold Dylan)
    • “But Dylan spends so much energy on his music, creating it and re-creating it over and over, I feel that any attempt to argue that his primary concern is the lyrics and that the music is just an add-on, really needs a lot of evidence to sustain it.”
  • The Bootleg Series: A Subjective Retrospective (Lightwood Press)
    • “Perhaps this as good a spot as any to give a brief history of the proud, bootleg tradition. Handwritten pamphlets exist that bootlegged Shakespeare back in the days when Bards ruled the land. There are clean, though crude recordings of Charlie Parker’s solos, arias from the Metropolitan Opera, the blues from Appalachian hollers and southern cotton fields.”
  • The Committee For A Giant Statue of Bob Dylan (Perfect Duluth Day)
    • <Go look at the mock ups.>
  • Nashville Skyline (Chris Gregory)
    • “Could it be that this guy with the enigmatic smile, who tips his cowboy hat to us, is really the ‘voice of his generation’ – the oracle of rock and roll who never gave us an easy ride with his harsh, cutting vocal style?”
  • Dylan’s Lost Voice – How Laryngitis Inspired Some Great Songs (Ben Vaughn)
    • “When a singer’s vocal cords are sleepy, it is difficult to rejuvenate them.”
    • The above is among the least whacky of the claims in this post.
  • Dylan Re-Visited (18 Cover Versions) (Greg Mitchell)

New Reviews & Releases

  • Some Thoughts on Dylan’s Oxford Town (Elliptical Movements)
    • “Emmet Till, Hattie Carroll, Medgar Evers, George Jackson, Ruben Carter: black victims of white hate, killed and/or imprisoned all because of the colour of their skins. And all remembered by Bob Dylan in songs of empathy.”
  • Self Portrait (Cult Following)
    • “That examination of self is what makes Self Portrait so defiant and interesting. Dylan regroups with backing musicians The Band and takes down the perceived public persona he had grown at the time.”
  • Leftover Salmon New Album w/Dylan Cover (Glide)
    • “On the album’s lead single, “Simple Twist of Fate,” Leftover Salmon reaches into Bob Dylan’s catalog to deliver an up-tempo version that features co-founder Vince Herman on lead vocals. The track showcases and spotlights the band’s all-around instrumental prowess while also allowing Herman to channel Dylan through his storied and gruff vocal delivery.
  • Absolute Highlights: Silvio (Untold Dylan)
    • “And what I really love here is that Bob’s voice really is in keeping with the melody and lyrics – he is singing it rather than resorting to just saying the lyrics.  He’s playing, yes, but he is playing musically with the extended lines, and the simple but nevertheless very entertaining harmonies.”
  • Nashville Skyline Rag (Pt.2) (Untold Dylan)
    • “Nashville Skyline Rag,” Jann Wenner asks in the 1969 Rolling Stone interview, “was that a jam that took place in a studio or did you write the lyrics before? Which is a bit of a difficult question. After all, the song has no lyrics.”
  • I’ve Made My Mind Up To Give Myself To You (Pt.11) (Untold Dylan)
    • “At the premiere, Dylan is not yet completely text proof. He mixes up the second and fourth stanzas, forgets a word here and adds a word there. And the intended lyric adaptation of the last verse has apparently not yet fully crystallised.”

Bob Dylan Events

The World of Bob Dylan Conference 2023

  • DATE: June 2-4
  • LOCATION: Tulsa OK
  • NOTE: World of Bob Dylan now sits within ‘SwitchYard Tulsa’ a larger arts festival
  • AGENDA: The WOBD Agenda has not been announced but over 125 Speaker Events plus Keynotes and live performances are expected. This is an incredible chance to learn a ton, meet about 1000 people in the Dylan community, and have a great time. There will likely be some amazing live music performances from headline names during the event.
  • Regitration

Tom Stockhill Photo

Reportedly taken after Bob Dylan received the Croix de Commandeur des Arts et Lettres (Arts and Literature Commander Cross) by the French Culture Minister, Jack Lang, Paris, 1990.


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