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May 27 - June 2, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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  • Now It Goes Like This: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Flagging Down) [8]
    • “His keyboard became even more prominent a couple years later, when he switched it to the circus-organ setting. Fans nicknamed the organ the “Instrument of Torture,” and on a quieter acoustic ballad it could certainly give quite you a jolt blaring through the mix, but I think it sounds great on a song like this.”
  • Documentary on GERDE’S FOLK CITY (Bob Porco Substack) [8]
    • “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wonder how long it will take you to watch 4 hours of MUSIC HISTORY in your spare time. You’ll be happy you did because you’ll be mo’ educated on the COMPLETE STORY surrounding NEW YORK’s FIRST FOLK MUSIC CABARET.”
  • Bob Dylan’s Rare Abstract Painting Sells for $200K  (Daily Mail) [5]
    • “The canvas is filled in with captivating abstract shapes and patterns combined with recognizable imagery, including music notes, bow ties, animals, and segmented features. At the top is the red outline of a man in a brimmed hat—mirroring his own style during his Woodstock days.”
  • This Telecaster Was One of His Most Crucial Weapons (Guitar World) [5]
    • “When Bob Dylan went electric, nearly sixty years ago, this Fender Telecaster was one of his most crucial weapons. It also featured every night on Dylan’s 1966 world tour, including his infamous performance at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, during which an audience member shouted “Judas!” at Dylan.”
  • Girl from the North Country Dazzles at the Pantages (Santa Monica Mirror) [5]
    • “Sheer perfection is what you get when you combine Conor McPherson’s brilliant script and sharp direction with Bob Dylan’s iconic music and lyrics, supported by dazzling dance sequences by a talented ensemble supervised by movement director Lucy Hind.”

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