A Bob Dylan Primer
A Bob Dylan Primer
16 - Nothing but Affection
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A Bob Dylan Primer

A Bob Dylan Primer is a series that tells the story of the work and life of Bob Dylan. Over the course of 16 episodes it covers the time period from Dylan’s youth in Minnesota and early days in New York City up to the release of Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind in 1997.

The Series Starts...

01 - A Thousand Miles From Home
Before television, a boy was born in springtime Minnesota. 25 years later he was the most beloved, and most reviled – pop star on the planet.   Episode links: Greenwich Village Folk Riot – 1961 ...
02 - The Voice of a Generation
Once, a single song could change the world. In 1963, a 22-year-old kid wrote a song called Blowin’ In The Wind … and it changed the world.   Episode links: Dylan – Talkin’ John Birch ...
03 - The First Rock Star
What does it mean to be a “rock star?” Attitude? Swagger? Shades? Can a folk singer turn into a rock star? Let’s find out –   Episode links: Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice – ...
04 - 1966, I Don’t Believe You
Imagine you’ve bought a ticket to see your favorite artist in concert. Imagine then that you’re horrified at what that artist plays – would you consider them a traitor? Would you call them Judas?   ...

Your Host


Michael Hacker

Michael Hacker is a filmmaker, photographer and writer. He was raised in Los Angeles and lives there now, having spent long stints in San Francisco, Montana and Austria. He’s been listening to Dylan on repeat – and shuffle – since about the age of eleven.

Show History

The show began in 2018 and ran through 2020, with a final episode (so far) posted in April, 2022.

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5 – Basement Medicine
6 – Country Pie
7 – What’s New?
8 – The Movie’ll Be Like A Song
9 – Blood, Desire, and The Last Waltz
10 – A Voice in the Wilderness
11 – Synthesizer Dylan
12 – Beginning the Next Beginning
13 – Time is in the Mind
14 – Modern Times, Olden Times
15 – Goodbye is too Good a Word
16 – Nothing but Affection


The First four episodes are available.

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