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April 8 - 14, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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  • Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour Finale II: The Arrangements (Flagging Down) [10]
    • “Bob used to be known for mixing up which songs he played every night. He doesn’t do that any more. He plays the same songs (mostly) every night. What he does do is mix up how those same songs are played. He did “When I Paint My Masterpiece” 201 times on this tour. But on some legs, even on some specific nights, it sounded very different than on others. Same words, different music.”
  • The Story of The Martin D-28 Used by Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young (Ultimate Guitar) [5]
    • “Interestingly enough, Bob Dylan also possessed the guitar for a brief time, but it remains unclear if any songs were written or recorded on it during its tenure with the folk legend. Here, Neil Young explains how the guitar landed in Bob Dylan’s lap.”
  • T Bone Burnett Steps into the Spotlight (FT) [8]
    • “The first public result was Dylan’s re-recording of “Blowin’ in the Wind”, which sold for nearly $1.8mn at auction in 2022. The steep price paid for the song didn’t bother Burnett. “The market spoke, so to speak, and it went for what it went for,” he says. “I would say the value has doubled already.”
  • He Belongs To Me (On Being a Woman and Loving Bob Dylan) (Rock The Inbox) [8]
    • “It’s never a massive blast being a female fan of a band that the culture at large has decided that men have ownership over, and I don’t think that this is even particularly true about Dylan (and, for the most part, I stopped caring about that long ago). And I am sure plenty of women could write this same story about Springsteen or Petty or Neil Young.”
  • Top 25 Bob Dylan Films and Videos (BarnFlakes) [5]
    • “With questionable abilities as an actor and director, Dylan has nevertheless amassed a fascinating filmography which includes feature films, documentaries, concerts, interviews and music videos* – often all rolled up in the same movie and blurring distinctions between fact and fiction.”

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