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Oct 22 - 28, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Tour News

Covers and Rarities This Week

  • Oct 29: Montreal (Dance Me to the End of Love – Leonard Cohen)
  • Oct 27: Toronto (Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead)
  • Oct 26: Toronto (Stella Blue – Grateful Dead)
  • Oct 24: Rochester (Stella Blue) YouTube
  • Oct 23: Erie (Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead)

Tour News

  • Bob Dylan and His Band Took Toronto to Unexpected and Rewarding Places (Exclaim.CA)
    • “It was, in fact, a glorious night for a band that doesn’t have it easy, corralling already wild songs, almost all of which seem to be living in their most challenging arrangements yet. And at centre stage was Dylan — the songs’ mastermind, either seated or standing behind his baby grand piano, singing with a strength and beauty completely his own.”

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume of 2023 is… Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan? (Spy)
    • “The too-chill-to-be-comfortable urban couple from the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover suggests that Dylan was used to bundling himself against the wind on his way to The Bitter End (and his collaborations with Barking Irons confirms it).”
  • “I Wanted To Be You”: Joan Baez, in Conversation with Jane Fonda (Interview)
    • “When the two of you are singing “It Ain’t Me Babe” together, you look like you’re goosing each other behind your backs, or like you just finished making love, because your faces are so full of sex and desire and secrets. It’s just juicy and priceless. Did you stay close to him? You say in the movie that that breakup really just broke your heart.”
  • 40 Years Ago: Bob Dylan Makes A Mainstream Comeback On ‘Infidels’ (Ultimate Classic Rock)
      • “Luckily, the final track listing included the stand-out song “Jokerman,” which found Dylan using themes both Biblical and secular to tear down political charlatans. Or was it a dark reflection on Judaism? A rumination on false messiahs? A cutting indictment of his own career missteps?”
  • Mixing Up The Medicine – Book Review (Pt.1) (Dylan.FM)
    • “A book is an interesting part of a solution. It can share huge amounts of information and if done right might combine memorabilia with photos with essays with manuscripts with an organizational structure with introductions and explanations in ways that weave together and make a big and complex story interesting, approachable, and digestible to people with a very wide range of levels of interest. Plus of course it’s easily distributed around the world.”
  • Mixing Up The Medicine – Book Review (Pt.2) (Dylan.FM)
    • “I’ve come to think of Mixing Up The Medicine as a scrapbook built by professionals. In fact, the closest thing to it that Dylan fans might own is something put out in 2005 called “The Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956 – 1966”.
  • How Bob Dylan Blurred the Boundaries Between Literature and Popular Music (Literary Hub)
    • “It documents the time when Dylan was turning away from the expectations of the folk-protest crowd. He was writing pop songs, although he was employing the free-associative methods and collage use of the folk-lyric that had marked his work since the beginning.”
  • The Late Gregg Sutton Remembers Bob Dylan’s 1984 ‘Real Live’ Tour (Flagging Down The Double E’s)
    • “It seemed particularly shocking because, when we spoke over two lengthy phone calls in early October, he seemed so full of life, telling wonderful and funny stories of his time on the road with Dylan. He laughed about shenanigans and mishaps, and went into music-nerd detail about specific shows and songs.”

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  • PRE-ORDER: The Complete Budakon 1978
  • PRE-ORDER: Mixing Up The Medicine (The Bob Dylan Center)
  • PRE-ORDER: Mixing Up The Medicine (Album)
  • NEW: Bob Dylan’s Rough And Rowdy Ways – Side B (Jochen Markhorst)
  • NEW: Song & Dance Man: The Art of Bob Dylan (Vol.2) (Michael Gray)
    • Yonder Comes Sin: Dylan’s Gospel Period And All of His 1980s Work
    • Paperback | Kindle (Amazon)


  • Folk Music (Greil Marcus)
  • Bob Dylan: A Year and a Day (Daniel Kramer Photo Book)
  • Pollyvocal Bob Dylan: Music, Performance & Literature
  • Surviving In A Ruthless World (Terry Gans)

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Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan Blues - Lyric Video

Every Grain of Sand - Erie PA (Close Up Video)

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