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March 25 - 31, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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On Tour

  • Dylan On Tour
    • Past Week: Nashville TN, Memphis TN (Setlists)
    • Next Week: New Orleans LA, Lafayette LA, Dallas TX, Austin TX (Details)
    • NEXT LEG ANNOUNCED: Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson
    • July 4th Show Added – Willie’s 4th of July Picnic
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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Two Nights in Nashville (Flagging Down) [8]
    • “I usually focus on the individual songs, “Watching the River Flow” through “Every Grain of Sand.” This song was better on night one. That song he mumbled the lyrics of. I preferred the 2022 arrangement. Et cetera. But that’s not really how Dylan presents them live. It’s more like one 115-minute composition. One big song.”
  • Two Nights in Memphis (Flagging Down) [8]
    • “These shows were special for many reasons. Hearing Dylan sing “Big River” on the banks of Mississippi right near Sun Studios where Cash recorded it and the spring tour new arrangements were certainly highlights. However, what stood out to me in particular was Dylan’s voice—the tenor, clarity, emotion, and strength.”
  • Nashville Skyline: Dylan at Brooklyn Bowl, March 26 & 27 2024 (Jukebox Graduate) [8]
    • “Both shows were very very good but Tuesday’s was definitely at a different level than Wednesday’s; there was a buzz and an electricity on Tuesday I can still conjure when I close my eyes; it’s still real, it’s still tangible.”
  • Timothée Chalamet’s 60s-Inspired Chelsea Boots Help Him Channel Bob Dylan for ‘A Complete Unknown’ (Footwear News) [5]
    • “Chalamet’s outfit was spot on for the 1960s, which is when the film is set. Though the Chelsea boot was trendy as recently as the late 2010s, dubbed by some communities as the “Brunch shoe,” it’s more inextricably linked with its time as a menswear staple of the 1960s.”
  • Real Life Rock Top 10, March 25, 2024 (Letter In The Ether) [5]
    • “In this ten-and-a-half-minute video, Buckley dramatizes one of the many things “Ain’t Talkin’,” from Dylan’s 2006 Modern Times, might be: a nihilist Western, a dead-man-walking version of the 1967 spaghetti Western God Forgives . . . I Don’t! except that in “Ain’t Talkin’” God is dead.”
  • Being Bob (Literary Review) [8]
    • Chronicles Review “Quite how much his audience wanted him to be their man, and the toll their passion exacted upon him, is the theme of the second section. Here is Dylan holed up in Woodstock, trying to find some semblance of domestic happiness with his young family, while interlopers, spooks, trespassers and moochers clamour at his door, demanding that he ‘stop shirking [his] duties as the conscience of a generation’.”

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Complete outtakes from Dylan’s contribution to We Are The World now available.

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