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Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Tour News

    East Coast US: October 1 – December 3

    • Past Week: Boston MA, Schenectady NY, Montreal QB (Setlists)
    • This Week: Port Chester NY, Providence RI, Waterbury CT (Upcoming)

Covers and Recordings This Week

Tour News

  • Dylan’s Dance Me to the End of Love Review (Cult Following) [8]
    • Dance Me to the End of Love then, given a neat Rough and Rowdy Ways spin in a similar style to the other covers of Dylan’s tour lineup, is a real treat. Dylan now has the gruff and thick voice necessary to deliver justice to this piece.”
  • At the Orpheum, Bob Dylan does Bob Dylan Things (The Boston Globe) [8]
    • “Planted at a piano for the duration — where it was easy to miss the sparkles on his pants, a wink of showmanship from a man who barely addressed his audience the entire night — Dylan at times recalled no one so much as John Lee Hooker, with both his playing and his singing operating on their own primal sense of time.
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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • A multitude of musical excellence brings Al Kooper into the Rock & Roll Hall Fame ( [3]
    • “That luck played out during the June 1965 sessions in New York where Kooper found himself creating the organ riff for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.”
  • The Story of the Incomprehensible Bob Dylan Musical (Classic Rock) [8]
    • 2006 from Twyla Tharp, Not ‘Girl From The North Country’
    • “When he called to suggest that we collaborate on a dance musical, it was clear that I would be filling in most of the dotted lines. And that was a blinking yellow light, for Dylan’s catalogue is massive.”
  • How Heaven’s Door Captured the Spirit of Bob Dylan (Moodie Davitt Report) [8]
    • “Marc got in touch with Bob Dylan’s manager. They began discussing and Marc presented the Heaven’s Door concept, which Dylan loved. That was the genesis of where we are today. So the brand started in 2017 and we started shipping the same year. It has performed exceptionally well, winning numerous awards.
  • The Data-Spew About Bob Dylan Never Ends (The Spectator) [5]
    • “He was also something of a misogynist. ‘I hate to see chicks perform,’ he told Rolling Stone in 1987. ‘Hate it. Because they whore themselves. Especially the ones that don’t wear anything. They whore themselves.’ Rolling Stone omitted that quote. Heylin, to his credit, does not.”
  • How Does Dylan Write His Songs? (Dylanology) [10]
    • “I will break my answer down into three main issues: (a) the general harmonic language of pop song, particularly Dylan’s version of pop song; (b) the specific genres and styles that Dylan relates most directly to; (c) and Dylan’s own particular idiosyncracies, including a full-scale masterclass in songwriting by the man himself.”
  • Halloween at Philharmonic Hall 50 Years Later (Peter Stone Brown) [8]
    • “Listening to the album today, the thing I noticed is how clearly Dylan articulated each word emphasizing the lyrics. For the past five decades, comics imitating Dylan will mumble incoherently usually in the Blonde On Blonde voice, as well as critics who clearly weren’t paying attention saying they couldn’t understand him when in reality he was making his words quite clear.”

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Bob Dylan in Boston MA, 2023 – Photo © Duncan Hume

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