Seven Days

Dec 17 - 23, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Timothée Chalamet Is Hoarding Unreleased Bob Dylan Songs (Variety) [5]
    • “This might earn the ire and wrath of a lot of Bob fans, rightfully,” Chalamet said in a recent interview with Happy Sad Confused’s Josh Horowitz, “but he sent me like a 12-hour playlist of unreleased Bob stuff from like 1959 to ’64. I feel like I’m holding onto gold or something.”
  • Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan: Story of an Impossible Meeting… (WECB) [8]
    • “And he added: “When I heard him for the first time it was like coming out of jail.”. He is the supreme deity of rock and roll. I have thought many times that Freedom, for me, was Elvis Presley singing ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’. “I thank God for Elvis.”
  • Dylan’s Christmas Lights: A Scholarly Treatise (Merill Markoe) [10]
    • “I was moved to photograph it because, much the way he forged his own path in music, he was exhibiting an independence of style in his Christmas decorating. His approach, conjuring images of a string of loose lights having been casually tossed into the hedge by someone in a hurry, seemed to be making a faux-naïve statement, not unlike a Matisse or a Chagall.”
  • Bob Dylan on Daniel Lanois, Oh Mercy and Time out of Mind (PSB Archives) [10]
    • “He managed to get my stage voice, something other people working with me never were quite able to achieve. Daniel just allowed the record to take place any old time, day or night. You didn’t have to walk through secretaries, pin-ball machines and managers and hangers-on in the lobby and parking lots and elevators and arctic temperatures.”
  • Ask Greil (Letter In The Ether) [8]
    • “The Budokan is the only Bootleg Series set I don’t even want to hear.”
  • ‘Christmas In The Heart’ Taps Into The True Meaning Of The Season (Clash) [8]
    • “I feared the worst. It felt like a corporate cash-in, exactly what I wanted to avoid. However, unlike Charlie Brown’s existential dread, I found the opposite in the 15 songs that comprise ‘Christmas In The Heart’, a sentiment I’d not heard for a while.”
  • Making the Case for Bob Dylan’s Initially-Maligned 1978 Album ‘Street-Legal’ (American Songwriter) [5]
    • “Many critics objected to Dylan’s new sound. After the impassioned folk of Blood on the Tracks and the slippery exotics on Desire , Street-Legal found Dylan going for a kind of big-band rock sound. It wasn’t entirely different from what contemporaries like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger were doing around the same time, but many didn’t feel it fit Dylan.”
  • Best Reissue of 2023: #1 Fragments Bootleg Series 17 (Mojo) [8]
    • “As they sat in Brauer’s home, his neighbour, John Raffaele, beamed. It was crisp and wonderful, he repeated, and he could hear and understand Dylan’s tale – the heartbroken, lovesick saga at Time Out Of Mind’s twilit centre – more clearly than ever. Brauer could breathe easily again, because that had been his charge: to lift the music from the shadowy, ineffable depths favoured by original producer Daniel Lanois and position Dylan at the centre of his own saga.”
  • Best Music Book of 2023: #1 Mixing Up The Medicine (Uncut) [8]
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Recent Limited Release

Third Man Records recently included a bonus release of the live-on-stage Bob Dylan cover of The White Stripe’s ‘Ball and Biscuit’ from March 2017. An audience tape has circulated but this was remixed from the soundboard. An excerpt is here.

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