Seven Days

Dec 10 - 16, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Bob Dylan Sings, and Talks, on These Tapes From 62 Years Ago (The New York Times) [8]
    • ““Handwritten on the boxes are ‘Bob Dylan 1, 2 and 3.’ I’m going, What’s this? He goes, ‘I’m not entirely sure.’ He said: ‘There was a pile of boxes of tapes by the incinerator, and these were on the top — and you know how I like Bob Dylan. So I asked the engineer, What’s going on?’”
  • Dylan Tapes Don’t Sell (NY Times) [5]
    • “The tapes of Bob Dylan’s first album that we wrote about in Monday’s New York Today were not sold at auction. A spokeswoman for Sony Music Entertainment, of which Columbia is now a subsidiary, noted that the tapes in question — which a sculptor who now lives in Detroit has had since the 1960s — are not unique copies and that the original reels are not lost. Sony Music’s archives has the original versions.”
  • Chalamet Rerecords ‘Wonka’ Song after Channeling Bob Dylan (USA Today) [5]
    • “‘There’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall.’ And I really couldn’t resist doing it (as Dylan). It was totally improper, but I was dying for it to be stuck in there. It’s one of the lines that we had to rerecord.”
  • Jeff Kramer’s Bob Dylan Interview Primer (Peter Stone Brown Archives) [10]
    • “Do not treat him like a God. It wigs him out. / Don’t ask who Mr. Jones is or the motorcycle crash, any of that corny Dylanologist stuff.”
  • A Deep Dive Into Bob Dylan Setlist Data (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [10]
    • “We looked at not only which years had the most/least variation, but which had the most/least covers — both total performed and unique songs covered —how many total songs Dylan would usually perform a night, and more.”
  • Waterboys to Release Instrumental Written by Bob Dylan (Yahoo!) [8]
    • “The song, Meridian West, was first played by Edinburgh-born Scott and his band in 1985, when Dylan invited them to Dave Stewart’s recording studio in north London.”

New Limited Release

The latest Bob Dylan Copyright Release took place this week. A limited number of CD’s were sold (likely about 200). These releases are meant to protect and extend copyright for material that Sony/Dylan doesn’t want to fall into the public domain.

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Bob Dylan For Sale


  • The Complete Budakon 1978
  • Cat Power Sings Dylan
  • Mixing Up The Medicine (The Bob Dylan Center Book)


  • VINYL: Standing In The Doorway (Chrissie Hynde)
    • $11.10 (62% OFF)
  • VINYL: Rough & Rowdy Ways
  • VINYL: Springtime in New York
    • $14.39 (68% Off)

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