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March 18 - 24, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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On Tour

  • Dylan On Tour
    • Past Week: Fayetteville NC, Asheville NC, Louisville KY (Setlists)
    • Next Week: Nashville TN, Memphis TN (Details)
    • Final Week: New Orleans LA, Lafayette LA, Dallas TX, Austin TX
    • NEXT LEG ANNOUNCED: Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson
  • Highlights & Rarities
  • Tour News
    • Notes from the Road in North Carolina (Flagging Down) [8]
      • “One of the benefits of being so close to the stage on Sunday was getting to see how Dylan directs his band. Mostly, it was subtle head nods signaling who he wanted to take a solo. But every once in a while, there was a forceful finger point to bring down the musical intensity. “
    • Dylan Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With 1st Performance Of Irish Folk Song In 24 Years (Jambase) [3]
      • “The esteemed singer-songwriter celebrated the occasion by performing Irish folk song, “The Roving Blade,” for the first time in 24 years. As with most folk songs, the exact origins of “The Roving Blade” are unclear although it appears to have emerged in written form in the late-18th Century.”

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • RELEASE RUMOR: Sony Entertainment this year will be releasing a box set of 1974 Dylan/Band tour concerts.
  • Dylan Art in NYC: The Beaten Path Series is now on display (and for sale) at Park West Gallery in SoHo
  • Bob Dylan Plays Letterman With Unknown Punk Band The Plugz (MoJo) [5]
    • “He never told us once what to play. He just let us do our thing. One day Bob came in and asked us if we had ever heard of David Letterman and would we want to perform on his show. It didn’t take long to answer that question.”
  • Huey Lewis Admits Bob Dylan Wrote Him a Song in the ’80s, but He Can’t Find It: ‘Big Mistake’ (People) [3]
    • “He sent me a cassette and a lovely note saying he liked the last record and here’s a song of mine,” Lewis said of the gift from Dylan, who is generally regarded as one of the greatest songwriters in the history of music. Lewis’ story got worse from there. “Not only did I not cut it, I don’t know where the cassette is,” he admitted.”
  • Will Timothée Chalamet Be Good At Playing Bob Dylan? (Uproxx) [8]
    • “As I see it, he faces two major challenges. The first challenge is Bob Dylan’s contradictory nature. He is one of the most charismatic and inviting performers in rock history, and also one of the most awkward and surly. He has a formidable presence, and also a comically slight body.”
  • Sean Latham on Timothée on BBC Radio (BBC) [8]
    • Audio begins at 2:22
  • Late Cold War Style in Songwriting: 1978-1984 (Aquarium Drunkard) [8]
    • “There’s a sweeping nature to these lines as Dylan’s titular wind encompasses and impacts everyone within the region, naming the “iron waves” found in the Caribbean as the presence of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. This image is juxtaposed with the “ships of liberty” that could represent American forces, working to counteract the USSR’s actions.”
  • Cover a Day: “What Was it You Wanted?” (Untold Dylan) [5]
    • “Indeed it is very easy to lose the thoughts behind these lyrics as the singer loses track not only of what was wanted but who the person is that he is confronting.  This version re-finds that spookiness and delivers it as the main part of the message. There is also a gorgeous background to the last few seconds that leaves me with a shiver.”

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