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Jan 8 -14, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Desire (Pitchfork) [10]
    • “He would never make another record like it—its circumstances being unrepeatable seemingly by design—but in some ways Desire is the most explicit manifestation of the central literary irony of Dylan’s career: that the consummate barometer of social and cultural authenticity can’t be trusted with the facts about anything, least of all himself.”
  • Hear a Pristine Recording of Bob Dylan’s 1976 Austin Gig That Just Surfaced After 48 Years (Rolling Stone) [8]
    • “I was the audio engineer for this portion of the Rolling Thunder Revue tour,” it read. “While I do not have a complete setlist for both the Mobile, AL and Austin, TX shows, I do have tapes of both shows. However, the songs have been combined into a single tape, so I don’t know which song was performed at which venue.”
  • Masked and Anonymous’ Is the Midnight Movie for Mathematicians, Carpenters’ Wives, and Bob Dylan Sickos (IndieWire) [8]
    • “Like all great late-career Dylan albums, it’s best described as a vibe that simply washes over you. The story shifts between music industry satire, political commentary with wildly unclear positions, and dreamlike hallucinations.”
  • Ch.1 – With Dylan in Rotterdam (Travelling With Dylan) [10]
    • “I asked his advice about how to get backstage, and he said, “Just ask for Victor Maymudes, Bob´s road manager,” and it worked. In a minute, Babeth, looking outrageous in the black, beaded bustier she´d bought as her costume for the occasion, was on the couch in Dylan´s dressing room, lighting up a joint.”
  • Temples in Flames with Bob Dylan and Britta Lee Shain (Peter Stone Brown Archives) [8]
    • “As ‘Ernie’s girlfriend’ she rubs shoulders with some iconic people, who all treat her well at first. She socializes with Dylan’s girlfriend Carole Childs and will eventually come between them. Slowly, from 86 to 87 she gets closer to Bob Dylan, feelings ‘appear’ mutual, but we only know her side.”
  • Bob Dylan: Tempest. On-Purpose and Determined (Peter Stone Brown Archives) [8]
    • “It is an album that is like everything he’s ever done and at the same time like nothing he’s ever done. It takes quite a bit of magic to pull that off, and Dylan is a magician and a trickster and it is this unpredictability that has kept his fans, no matter when they came in along the journey entranced.”

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