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Jan 1 - 7, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Bob Dylan and the Band Launched Their Reunion Tour 50 Years Ago This Week (Rolling Stone) [5]
    • “Dylan had been off the road for eight very long years at this point, and demand to see his return was so intense that promoters received 5.5 million ticket requests via a cumbersome mail-order system. To put that in perspective, that was four percent of the entire population of America.”
  • Going Show-By-Show Through Bob Dylan’s 1974 Comeback Tour with The Band (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [10]
    • “The very first song they performed on Tour ’74, though, was not a hit. It was the deepest cut they performed across all 40 shows. You could argue it’s the deepest cut Bob Dylan has played ever. And that song was…“Hero Blues,” a Freewheelin’ outtake.”
  • Interview Magazine 1992-2008: Bob Dylan’s Heart (Letter In The Ether) [8]
    • “Earlier this year he recorded a new album, his first col­lection of original songs since 1990—unlikely to be released, I’d imagine, until Jakob Dylan makes room for it on the charts. If it does come out, it should be the first Dylan album in well over twenty years likely to get whoever might hear it wondering what in the world it is.”
  • Marlon James on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, Authenticity as Pose, and Not Reading His Book Reviews (Literary Hub) [8]
    • “Yeah. I think he does it better than everybody else. That’s why he’s Dylan and we’re not. He’s just a better writer than everybody else… considering that sometimes it looks like the only book he ever read was The Bible.”
  • Dylan Revisited: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963) Dylan.FM [8]
    • “Suze is most obviously present on The Freewheelin’s magnificent cover and on the blues template of Down the Highway where Dylan laments that “The ocean took my baby, my baby stole my heart from me.”
  • ‘The Greatest Night in Pop’ Doc to Chronicle the Creative Journey Behind ‘We Are the World’ (Rolling Stone) [5]
    • The Greatest Night in Pop will feature a plethora of previously-unseen footage as it traces the “We Are the World” story from the planning stages through the all-star recording session. The movie will offer a glimpse of all the work that went into getting 46 of the globe’s biggest music stars in the same studio on the same day to record the hit track.”

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