Seven Days

Sept 17 - 23, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

This is Seven Days, our weekly recap of the news and links plus new podcasts, events, and the photo/video of the week.

Bob Dylan Tour News

  • Bob Dylan Plays 3-Song Set at Farm Aid: Sept 23, 2023
    Maggie’s Farm, Positively Fourth Street, Ballad of a Thin Man

  • East Coast US: October 1 – November 21:
    Now 32 Dates Announced and On-Sale Details
  • Rumors claim another week or so of show to be announced.

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Eric Lott on Bob Dylan’s ‘Love And Theft’ (Peter Stone Brown Archives)
    • “This isn’t to say that Dylan’s just a blackface artist, like Michelle Shocked abjectly claimed herself to be on her record Arkansas Traveler. He’s one of those rare people, like Michelle Shocked, in fact, for whom cultural miscegenation is a spur to cultural newness and uniqueness. Dylan goes his own way.”
  • Why Bob Dylan Defeats His Biographers (The Telegraph)
    • “The faults of this overloaded, eccentric tome are so manifest and manifold that it’s easy to overlook its virtues. But let me be fair to Heylin: I devoured his epic work with considerable pleasure.”
  • Bob Dylan Drummers Summit: Jim Keltner, Stan Lynch, Winston Watson (Flagging Down The Double E’s)
    • “In a private Zoom for the most generous supporters of the book’s initial crowdfunding campaign, I brought together three of the greatest drummers to ever play with Dylan – Jim Keltner, Stan Lynch, Winston Watson – Now the video is available to everyone.” (Video Below)
  • Penn Jillette Interview: Life, Magic, Jazz, Dylan and More (NJ Arts)
    • “You go to see Bob Dylan and there’s no cheerleading. Bob Dylan gives you glimpses into his heart, and if they’re universal … that’s not his primary goal. And I find that fascinating.”
  • West Village Theater To Host Joan Baez Q&A, Documentary (Patch)
    • “If you missed out on a postwar village scene where you could run into counterculture superstars like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez walking down Fourth Street, you’re in luck. Because on Oct. 6 and 7, Joan Baez, will be attending a Q&A at the fabled independent West Village theater following the premiere of a new documentary called “I Am A Noise.”
  • Real Life Rock Top 10: September 18, 2023 (Letter In The Ether)
    • “Thal, born in Brooklyn in 1939, was married to the folk singer Dave Van Ronk; in the late ’50s she managed him, and briefly, later, Bob Dylan. Her book, written now, in her eighties, doesn’t have the grace or romance of Suze Rotolo’s A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties, or the keening, all but anthropological eye Dylan brings to the same time and the same terrain in his Chronicles, Volume 1.
  • The Resurrection of Michael Bloomfield (Untold Dylan)
    • “Two tracks from the Highway 61 Revisited sessions come next, “Like A Rolling Stone,” but stripped of Dylan’s vocals and “Tombstone Blues” with the Chambers Brothers joining in on the chorus. The song no matter which version is one of the ultimate Bloomfield tracks period.”
  • Bob Dylan and Tom Petty’s Farm Aid Rehearsals (Untold Dylan)
    • “Thirty-eight years ago today, Bob Dylan played with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for the first time in front of an audience. The audience, though, was just a couple ABC News cameras. The occasion was a rehearsal for their first show together, at the inaugural Farm Aid 1985.”

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Photo Of The Week

Audience shot of Dylan on stage with Mike Campbell, Steve Ferrone, Lance Morrison, and Chris Holt. plus a little bit of Benmont Tench’s keyboard.

Bob Dylan For Sale

  • PRE-ORDER: The Complete Budakon 1978
  • PRE-ORDER: Mixing Up The Medicine (The Bob Dylan Center)
  • PRE-ORDER: Mixing Up The Medicine (Album)
  • PRE-ORDER: My Greenwish Village: Dave Bob Me (Terri Thal)
  • NEW: Blood in the Tracks: The Musicians Behind Dylan’s Masterpiece
  • NEW: The Double Life of Bob Dylan Vol.2 (’66 – ’21)
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    • Ebook in Apple Books for $15.99 (release 9/28)

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Full Bob Dylan Farm Aid '23 Set (3 Songs)

Bob Dylan Drummers Summit

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