Seven Days

Nov 19 - 25, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Tour News

    East Coast US: October 1 – December 3

    • Past Week: Philadelphia PA, Newark NJ (2), Baltimore MD (2) (Setlists)
    • This Week: Richmond VA, Roanoke VA, Huntington WV, Richmond KY (Upcoming)

Tour News

  • Last Night in Philadelphia (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [8]
    • “The differences are subtle. But that’s an advantage of going a lot: You notice them. His delivery of lines shifts from night to night; certain lines in “False Prophet” got positively barked last night, sharper than I’ve ever seen them. The crowd’s response to certain lines shifts too.”
  • Two Nights in Newark (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [8]
    • “There are some great ensemble set pieces where the band really rave it up and get cooking (“False Prophet,” “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,” “Serve Somebody”). These guys are another in a long list of sympathetic collaborators that have backed him over the years.”

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • What I Thought About Albert Grossman (Peter Stone Brown Archives) [10]
    • “While Grossman is usually portrayed especially in Dylan lore as the bad guy, there’s a bit more to it than that. He was one of the creators of the mystique that for better or worse engulfs Dylan to this day and he made sure that same mystique extended to The Band.”
  • Bob Dylan’s Bandmates Recall the Best Song They Ever Played with Him (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [10]
    • “Ultimately, the reason we all care is the music itself. And these snippets are all about just that. Bob and the people he invites in, making the music we hear on stage and on record. So listen to the embeds as you read. And, to quote the man himself, “Play it f***ing loud.”
  • Bob Dylan’s Numbers ( [8]
    • Here’s a list of numbers mentioned in Bob Dylan lyrics (and titles). The list is by no means exhaustive.
  • Cover a Day: Things Have Changed (Untold Dylan) [5]
    • “There seems to be not only a growing number of covers of Things Have Changed but a growing number of really interesting cover versions. So although we’ve already done an article on the covers of this song once before, I’ve had no trouble with finding another set of songs, and from them, some further thoughts.”
  • The Complete Budakon 1978 – Some of the Latest Reviews

New Bob Dylan Podcasts

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