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Nov 12 - 18, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Tour News

    East Coast US: October 1 – December 3

    • Past Week: Waterbury CT, Springfield MA, Brooklyn NY, New York NY (Setlists)
    • This Week: Philadelphia PA, Newark NJ (2), Baltimore MD (2) (Upcoming)

Covers and Recordings This Week

Tour News

  • Last Night in Springfield (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [8]
    • “As I’ve noted several times, Bob’s playing has taken huge strides this tour. He sounds great, but seeing his hands illustrates how idiosyncratic his playing remains. He never spreads his fingers much, whether by choice or necessity. As a result, he doesn’t really play normal piano chords. It looks like he’s hammering away with two little claws, but it doesn’t sound clunky or rudimentary. His left hand often darts left to pound out some bass notes a couple octaves down, then shoots back just as quick.”
  • Dylan Returns To New York City: Review (Ultimate Classic Rock) [5]
    • “To be touring the globe at 82 is, of course, a testament to his mastery. But for all of the jokes made about his singing voice or shadowy identity, it’s worth acknowledging the candor Dylan represents, the kind that inherently comes along with writing songs and presenting them to the public, and particularly at the age he is now.”

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • What Is Bob Dylan Core? Inside the Hot New TikTok Trend of … Braving the Cold in a Thin Jacket (RollingStone) [3]
    • ““Jacket that’s not warm enough” was on the list for six months before he shot his video; it now has nearly 250,000 likes.”
  • New Dylan Album Elicits Travel Memories For David Mansfield (Forbes) [5]
    • ““It was my first trip, and there was plenty to learn,” recalls Mansfield, who also recorded three albums with Dylan, was part of Dylan’s earlier Rolling Thunder Revue tour and is an award-winning film and television composer.”
  • The Zaniest Live Album By Bob Dylan (Or Anybody) Finally Gets Its Due (Uproxx) [8]
    • “But in its own bizarre, idiosyncratic way, Bob Dylan At Budokan represents Bob Dylan as well as any record he ever put out. The listeners who were most outraged by this album in the late ’70s, at heart, felt that Bob Dylan was not treating his songs with the same seriousness with which they had invested in his work.”
  • ‘The Complete Budokan 1978’ Captures Bob Dylan in Metamorphosis ( [8]
    • “Expanding upon its predecessor, The Complete Budokan 1978 is an immersive treasure trove that brings us into the storied space for two nights with Bob Dylan. He was a bit restless, heartbroken and perhaps even a little angry, and that got him searching for new muses and new sounds.”
  • Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert (Pitchfork) [5]
    • “The postmodern presentation of Sings Dylan does not interfere with the power of the music: Marshall, like her hero, understands that irony and sincerity can coexist without contradiction. The acoustic portion is often breathtaking, Marshall’s multivalent intimacy with her material restoring chestnuts like “Mr. Tambourine Man,” whose luster may have dimmed from overexposure.”
  • A Fanatics Review of The Rough And Rowdy Ways Tour (Her Campus) [5]
    • “I find it important to note that he didn’t play the songs as they were recorded. I don’t know very much about music theory, but the melody was different, the pace was different, and the delivery was different, which usually made me think I was listening to a totally unknown song until he sang the lyrics of the chorus. I will specify, it wasn’t an unwelcome or bad change.”
  • Buy Bob Dylan’s Master Tapes at Auction (Live Auctioneers) [10]
    • “Bob Dylan’s Original Recording Session Master Tapes for his first album, “Bob Dylan” 3 Scotch 190 full reels of magnetic 1/2” tape, 10 1/2” diameter metal reels, each with original cardboard slipcase and inner cardboard reel holder.”
    • UPDATED: With more details of the tape’s history and two studio excerpts

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