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Jan 15 - 21, 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Blood On The Tracks Revisited (Mojo) [8]
    • “We were totally confused because he was trying to teach us a new song with another one playing in the background. I was thinking to myself, Just remember, Eric, this guy’s a genius. Maybe this is the way geniuses operate.”
  • Lionel Richie: Writing “We Are the World” (Hollywood Reporter) [5]
    • “Poor Bob was having a nervous breakdown. He’s trying to sing it. And we said, “No, we don’t want you to sing it, just do it like Bob Dylan.” Now, Bob Dylan has an identifiable voice instantly. But he was trying to sing it another way. We kept saying, “No, just sing it like Bob Dylan.” But did you see that look on his face? He was like, well, what does that sound like?”
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop (Flagging Down The Double E’s) [5]
    • “In between his two shows on the 15th and 16th, Dylan did some sightseeing. He went to the DC art museum The Phillips Collection, taking in some paintings. Dylan’s interest in visual art had been burgeoning in recent years, with his work appearing on the cover of Self Portrait, Planet Waves, and The Band’s Music from Big Pink.”
  • The Greatness of Tony Brown’s bass on Blood on the Tracks (Peter Stone Brown Archives) [8]
    • “He (Dylan) couldn’t have been more remote. I can’t remember any words that were spoken. He was concentrating entirely on the songs, nothing else. I am the first person to hear these songs and they are great and what kept occurring to me during the sessions was, he’s back. This material is really great.”
  • Other People’s Songs: Ragged & Dirty (Untold Dylan) [5]
    • “Lomax wrote in his book, “Land Where The Blues Began”, about the time when Willie Brown sang “Ragged & Dirty”, “William Brown began to sing in his sweet, true country voice, poking in delicate guitar passages at every pause, like the guitar was a second voice…”
  • 50 Years Later: Bob Dylan Teams Up With The Band Again For Graceful ‘Planet Waves’ (Glide) [5]
    • “Still, with the retrospect of five decades, Planet Waves stands as a significant marker in the man’s career arc. Arguably comparable (or superior) in quality to his prior studio release, 1970’s New Morning, the presence of his famed accompanists lends it more than a little cachet.”

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Robert and Sara Dylan attend The Rolling Stones concert at Madison Square Garden in 1972

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Rosanne Cash - Farewell Angelina

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  • Allen Ginsberg Material Wealth CD (With Dylan Content)
    • $11.99 (Real Gone Music)
    • These classic, yet rare, and some previously unreleased poems and songs are a bible of bop prosody from one of the Holy Trinity of the Beat Generation. Featuring musical accompaniment from Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Elvin Jones, Lenny Kaye, Philip Glass, David Mansfield, David Amram, Arthur Russell and more.

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