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Feb 12 - 18 2024

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

This is Seven Days, our weekly summary of the best Bob Dylan news and links plus new podcasts, events, and photo/video of the week.

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • Dylan On Tour
    • 22 Shows in the US beginning March 1. (Details)
  • Bob Dylan Manga Released by 20th Century Boys Creator ( [8]
    • “The bundle, which is called “Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine / A Retrospective”, features 12 of Dylan’s most impressive songs. It also comes with a short 30-page manga. The 30-page special details Dylan’s life as an artist, and you can get a peek at it above. At this point, it doesn’t seem likely this one-shot will be released outside of Japan.”
  • Remember When Bob Dylan and The Band Got Together Again on ‘Planet Waves’ (American Songwriter) [5]
    • “The Band’s Garth Hudson talked about how the record was made: “We all loved the way Bob wanted to really sing [the songs] once a day, one rendition a day. So we’d often get the song on the second take. I think there may have been some first takes there. Best way to do ’em.”
  • Bob Dylan’s Newest Whiskey Gets a Calvados Finish (Robb Report) [5]
    • “He points to “baking notes associated with apples” as the result, like brown sugar, pastry, caramel, and biscuit notes. Those flavors are present, along with notes of green apple, fresh citrus, black pepper spice, and Concord grapes on the palate, with a little flash of heat due to the whiskey being bottled at 108 proof.”
  • The Grand Finale of Bob Dylan’s 1974 Comeback Tour with The Band (Flagging Down) [8]
    • “During the encore of that final show, a giant Valentine’s Day banner unfurled from the ceiling. This was promoter Bill Graham’s idea to surprise the musicians onstage. Wonder what ever happened to that banner. Talk about a collector’s item.”
  • Bob Dylan’s 115th Voice (Peter Stone Brown) [8]
    • “We were all at once, shocked, amazed, didn’t know what the hell to think. For the rest of the night we just kept asking, “what the hell was that voice?,” and “what was that growth on his face?”
  • Down in the Basement, Trying to Do Dylan (Peter Stone Brown) [5]
    • “Bob Dylan had discovered a bunch of lyrics he wrote in 1967 but never used and had given them to T Bone Burnett to do something with. Burnett gathered a group of songwriters who happened to be multi-instrumentalists, put them in a studio and had them create the music.”

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Image Of The Week

Images from the Bob Dylan Manga Comic including with Limited Edition Japanese Versions of the Mixing Up The Medicine Greatest Hits release.

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