Seven Days

Dec 3 - 9, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Tour News

    East Coast US: October 1 – December 3

    • Past Week: Evansville IN (Setlists)
    • The 2023 Portion of the Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour is Over

The Week's Best News & Posts

  • The Lead Belly Song That Changed Bob Dylan’s Life (Jambase) [5]
    • “Bob Dylan spoke about hearing Lead Belly’s recording of “Cotton Fields” during his 2016 Nobel Lecture after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. After detailing the influence of Buddy Holly, Dylan relayed a story about hearing Lead Belly for the first time shortly after Holly’s tragic death in a plane crash, with fellow rock pioneers Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, “the day the music died” on February 3, 1959.”
  • Exhibit to Explore Bob Dylan’s Early Career (Tulsa World) [5]
    • “The exhibit will trace Dylan’s growing political awareness during the early 1960s, a tumultuous time in American history with the rise of the the Civil Rights and anti-war movements of the early 1960s.”
  • The Dylan Diary: Themetime Radio Hour (Celebrity Access) [10]
    • “Miraculously, I am put in contact with his business manager, an incredible guy behind so much of what Bob does. We talk a few times, exchange e-mails, and he comes for a visit to DC.”
  • How Does Dylan Write His Songs? Blues and Ballads (Dylanology 28, part 2) (Dylanology) [10]
    • “In the mid-60s, Dylan discovered the bridge, as a third distinct formal unit: a stanza which isn’t strictly necessary in the song structure, but which enters as a contrasting block. It is there to stir up things, to create contrast, and it will often venture into uncharted territories, harmonically, before it returns to the fold of the keynote again.”
  • I Heard the Sound of Thunder – Budokan – (My Impression Now) [8]
    • “As a listener, I am drawn first to the music and then, much later to the lyrics. This is the case with every artist, but it makes me fairly unique as a Dylan fan. So much of what you hear and read about Dylan revolves around his lyrics, and rightly so. I do often find myself hooked by and fall in love with the way Dylan uses words. But it is the music — his melodies and phrasing and chord choices — that made me a fan.”
  • ‘Lost’ Bob Dylan Debut LP Master Tapes Head to Auction (Mix) [8]
    • “Going to auction with an estimate of $800,000 to $1,200,000, the three reels of Scotch 190 half-inch tape are complete with their original slipcases and reel holders, and contain the full contents of the original 13-song album, along with outtakes, unreleased takes and dialogue between Dylan and producer John Hammond.”

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  • The Complete Budakon 1978
  • Cat Power Sings Dylan
  • Shadow Kingdom
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  • Mixing Up The Medicine (The Bob Dylan Center Book)


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