Seven Days

August 20 - 26, 2023

Seven Days in Bob Dylan

This is Seven Days, our weekly recap of the top Bob Dylan news, links, podcasts, events, and more. It was a slow news week, so everything is in this one newsletter this week.

Bob Dylan Tour News

  • October 1-30: 18 Dates in Midwest/East US Announced and On-Sale
    • Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Akron, Erie, Rochestery, Toronto, Montreal, Schenectady
    • Details
  • November: Additional Dates Expected To Be Announced Soon
  • The Last Time Dylan Played Schenectady (The Daily Gazette)
    • “(Dylan) appeared at Schenectady’s San Remo Coffee House over three days, Jan. 12-14, 1962. Then just 20, Dylan appeared at the coffee house, in Schenectady. That address today, just down from Rivers Casino, appears to coincide with a vacant lot.”
  • Dylan Last Played Massey Hall in Toronto in ’64 and ’65 (CBC)

News Items About Bob Dylan

  • Bob Dylan Center Announces Annual Songwriting Fellowship
    • “Each Fellowship encompasses a $40,000 project stipend, public engagement and presentation opportunities, dedicated time in BDC’s Bob Dylan Archive® to study Dylan’s creative process, roundtrip airfare to Tulsa and accommodations in the city, mentorship from UMPG songwriters and executives, and recording time in Tulsa’s historic The Church Studio, the famous studio of Leon Russell.”
  • Politics, Power And Poetry: Bob Dylan In Trump’s America (Curiosity Shots)
    • “Since before Trump took office, I’ve wished that Bob Dylan would pull out his acoustic guitar and write some songs about the corrupt administration that is ripping this country apart — or at least add some new verses to his legendary ballads.”
  • Robbie Robertson and the Greatest Songs Never Finished (The New Yorker)
    • “At the 1:37 mark on “All You Have to Do Is Dream (Take 2),” there’s the briefest of instrumental breaks, and Robertson’s guitar takes flight, flying up there with those smiling floor birds, rising up with them and giving release, finally, to the tension that’s been building throughout the song. It’s glorious, it’s cathartic, and it lasts for all of a few seconds before sputtering out into nothing, like the end of every one of the song’s verses.”
  • Whiskey Review: Heaven’s Door Decade Series II (The Whisky Wash)
    • Palate: A pronounced first burst of flavor and well-balanced heat. Sweet, rich, and bold, the nose and palate are paired, as I tasted oak and Jordan almond, a bittersweet note, along with cocoa and raisin.”
  • Inside the Bob Dylan-Backed Brand’s New Kentucky Distillery (Men’s Journal)
    • “The Last Refuge will also boast the 10,000-square-foot Zephyr gallery, set to open in 2024, which will showcase many of Dylan’s original ironwork sculptures and paintings. There will be multimedia and interactive displays, as well as works by other artists, including Louisville locals.”

Blog Posts About Bob Dylan

  • The Dylan Review – Spring/Summer 2023
    • Twenty Three New Posts including News, Interviews, Poem, and more.
    • This is high quality stuff – please go read these!
  • Artificial Intelligence, Bob Dylan, and Cardiovascular Scholarship (PDF)
  • Looking Back on Bob Dylan’s Career (FSU Student Union)
    • “So, why is it that over sixty years later, I look to Bob Dylan’s music for comfort? In the midst of a global pandemic and the ongoing protests regarding racism, Bob Dylan provides a voice of reason, understanding, and comfort.”
  • That Thing Only Bob Can Do (Muddy Water)
    • “It was the story, an old story, of heartache, wistful longing, the memory fresh as today of an event receding, forever drifting away. There’s was no Bob Dylan there. There was the song there. The song existed on its own. Then it was over and the portal closed.”
  • An Exploration of Bob Dylan’s Love of Baseball (Untold Dylan)
    • “He once talked about the problem with teams is that baseball players inevitably get traded to a new team and that when your favourite players get traded out, the team is no longer the same, so how can it still be before your favourite team when all the players you like are no longer there.”
  • Mythologies that Inspire Dylan: The Rastas and The Stabber Of Polyphemus (Untold Dylan)
    • “For Dylan, mythological Polyphemus, the one-eyed Cyclopes, man-eater, son of earth-shaker Neptune (like the biblical Whore Of Babylon, like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein monster – even Mattel’s plastic blonde Barbie doll) represents America.”

New Bob Dylan Podcasts

Upcoming Bob Dylan Events

Complete List of Worldwide: Bob Dylan Events Calendar

Reviews and New Releases

  • The Basement Tapes – Deep Dive (William Schmilliams)
    • YouTube
  • I Contain Multitudes Pt.15: The Aim of All Life is Death (Untold Dylan)
    • “Brinkley’s fascination with this particular verse, however, is of course perfectly understandable. I sleep with life and death in the same bed has a nineteenth-century grandeur; the form has a Baudelaire-like couleur, the content is – obviously – twenty-four-carat Freud.”
  • Lyrics & Music: Gates of Eden (Untold Dylan)
    • “This time I am going to try and compare two different performances of Gates of Eden wherein the lyrics stay the same but the musical approach is quite different.”
  • Lyrics & Music: Every Grain of Sand (Untold Dylan)
    • “The point is that the lyrics of the song speak of the simplicity of perceiving the Master’s creation – it is there in every grain of sand. But actually finding a musical accompaniment to such thoughts is hard.  Clearly the music cannot be complex because that would contradict the thought of the words. But on the other hand if the music is repeated too much it will become too tedious.”

New Bob Dylan Video

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ChatGPT Reviews 'Make You Feel My Love'

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