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The FM Podcast Network
BONUS: Empire Burlesque on Watching The Covers Flow

A new podcast just launched on The FM Podcast Network – Watching The Covers Flow with Ray Padgett.

Watching the Covers Flow is a podcast that dives deep into covers of, and by, the most covered songwriter in rock and roll: Bob Dylan. Host Ray Padgett (Flagging Down the Double E’s newsletter, Pledging My Time book) explores covers across era and genre, from a hip-hop “Subterranean Homesick Blues” to a bluegrass “Ring Them Bells” to Dylan’s own frequent detours from writing his own songs to singing other people’s.

We’re sharing the first episode here to help people become aware of it – so you can go and subscribe in your favorite podcast player.

And also, because Ray tackles the same album we talked about on our last episode – Empire Burlesque. He shows how covers produce a very different take on these songs.

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